Jello Shots and Afrobeat

This weekend gerg and I had a kegger with Jello shots and Afrobeat.

I made three flavors of Jello shots: lime, peach, and strawberry/black cherry. The peach were by far the favorite. They also had the most vodka in them.

We got a 1/4 barrel of Leinie's Original from Zip's. Click here for their crucial selection of keggers. They ain't messin around!

And the awards go to........

Prize for the most wasted goes to seville.

Prize for the the newest beard goes to clay.

Prize for the best pose with our robot goes to Bryn.

Prizes for passing out go to both gerg and jana.

Prize for showing up with a bottle of Patron at 3am goes to megs.

Prize for the shiniest shoes goes to cBass.

Prize for wearing leather pants and a western shirt goes to Gundie.

Prize for the best random crack commment goes to Scott.

Oh yeah, I got new red glasses!

So I wore red tights to match.

I had a little too much to drink and felt it on Sunday. I rested, and then had a massive craving for pad thai.


New poll!

Today, I asked a bunch of folks the following question: "What is your favorite hangover food?"

18 people responded.


- 6 respondents meals included eggs (pad thai often has egg in it)
- 5 respondents meals included bacon
- 6 respondents meals included cheese.
- 6 people included an alcoholic beverage...The ol' hair of the dawg that bit you routine....

Reetsyburger's Scientific Conclusions:
-My wonsen pad thai hit the spot on sunday. The sweet radish, dried shrimp, and glass noodles were a nice twist on the originial.
- Spring Street has great bloody mary's
- "Sleep" is not a food; nor is "Dunno".


Paint a robot mural.

Make Jello shots sometime.

Smile more often.

Don't put Dan in charge of making sure jana doesn't start on fire.


Anonymous said...

You grossly misrepresented my favorite hangover food on your internet weblog. You left out "#9", which any respectable hangover sufferer would recognize as "Spring St Browns". I like them extra crispy.

Please ammend...or perish!

Reetsyburger said...

David Foureyes,

It's cool. I'll perish.

#9 Bacon, 2 eggs over easy on top, build your own Stoli bloody with clamato, spring st mix, and lots of peperonccinis or really hot wings

Spring St Browns. Never had em.

I usually opt for the breakfast burrito at the springer.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, no-one mentions spooning meth in their morning coffee? What kind of faggot pussies are you hanging out with?

Anonymous said...

All of these responses were made with the understanding that lightbulbs filled to the brim with glass would have already been consumed. Nothing makes me hungrier than veins full of crank.

Reetsyburger said...

Nothing makes me hungrier than daydreaming about David Foureyes' veins full of crank.

Ranty said...

Love the glasses, the tights, and the robot!!!

(Oh, and greasy, eggy, tabasco-infused breakfast with a bloody mary for a hangover, to be sure.)

Reetsyburger said...

Thanks Ranty!

I love your little cement remnant planter!

Anonymous said...

I love u
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