Mine Eyes Have Seen the Writing on the Wall!!

It's true! When I put on my new glasses, I was able to read a sign on a wall across the street from my optician's office! For two years I have been walking around squinting, hoping I'd find those slick Gucci frames I lost. I finally admitted to myself that they were lost. *sigh*

I wanted to take the opportunity to give a shout-out to the folks at Specs Optical. Dr. Buchli was down-to-earth and a little goofy; he gave me the facts about my eyes without too much sterile bullshit. The sales staff, specifically Bonnie, spent 2 hours with me, consoling me about my car and doing a fashion show with me and about 50 frames.

gerg, the staff, and I settled on a groovy acetate and metal frame called "Paradis" by anne et valentin .

Mine are red!

A side view.

gerg and I both wear glasses from Specs.

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