Keep Those Fingers out of the Sherbet!!!

On Sunday night, gerg almost gave me a heart attack.

gerg had never tasted raspberry sherbet, so he wanted to try it. I was game, so we bought some.

After we got home, I took a shower. Later, when I opened the sherbet to have some, gerg started freaking out over my shoulder, "Someone opened it and ate some of it!!! EWWWW!!"

So I got all startled because I didn't even notice it at first and was about to eat "finger" polluted sherbet. Earlier in the weekend, we had witnessed a GREEZY-looking dude eating rotisserie chicken out of a bag in an aisle at the store, and we got all grossed out by him. He just kept chewing with his mouth open and licking his fingers, and it was GNASTY. I couldn't help but imagining him eating the sherbet with his GREEZY fingers with it melting all over his chin, and then putting the container back in the case. *gag*

Gerg peers at the top of the opened sherbet, "Wait....Does it say something?"

I start trying to figure it out:

"J ♥ w?"

"W *blob* I?"

"I have no idea! GROSS!!"

Then I pause....

"I ♥ M!?!?!?"

and gerg starts laughing.

While I was showering, gerg ate some, carving "I ♥ M" into the top of the sherbet, with the plot of totalling freaking me out with his cute message of LOVE. It worked. Kudos, gerg. Kudos.


Anonymous said...

You guys are weird. Yesterday we ate Edy's lime fruit bars and tranquilizers. I told my wife I loved her in a different way afterward.

Reetsyburger said...

We're not married, so we just write each other love notes with food.