If it Comes Near me, I'll SCREAM

People are scared of all kinds of wierd crap. My greatest fear in life is stray dogs.

I was never attacked by a dog, although I was once chased down by two wild rottweilers while I was riding my bike in Oshkosh. This was a wikked terrifying moment for me. Fortunately, the owner came and called them back home. Meanwhile, I had to pull over under a crabapple tree due to my shaking limbs and my possible need to vomit.

When I say I'm absolutely terrified of stray dogs, I'm not exaggerating.

On Thursday night, gerg and I took a walk with the mighty Kota-Dog.

As we reached the corner of 31st and 31st, I almost lost my lunch when two Doberman Pinschers came barreling at us from around the corner of a house. When I realized they had no leashes on, I froze. They were off the chain and ready to mess us up!!!

These are not the actual dogs. The actual dogs were running at us with their fangs exposed.

I froze, STAT. SCARED SHITLESS. They started circling and barking with foamy spit at Kota-Dog, who was pretty helpless and barking as well, being leashed and all. "One of them bit Kota-Dog on the tail!" was all I could spit out, amidst the barking.

Gerg was trying to control Kota-Dog because Kota-Dog was FREAKING out, justfiably. Then gerg smartly yelled in his gruffiest macho man-voice "Get out of here! Go away!" And the dobermans ran off.

Gerg was my hero.

We made a beeline in the opposite direction of the freaky dogs. I finally started breathing again (I think I held my breath for about 2 minutes, unknowingly). Gerg called animal control, who had already been notified about the two dogs prowling the neighborhood. From a distance you could hear other dogs in the neighbohood freaking out, as the dobermans prowled through other yards. Kota-Dog was alright. No permanent damage ensued. *whew*

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