Getting High

I read this interesting report by Kristi Goldade.

"It revealed that when participants were aware of the height, high ceilings activated abstract thinking and thoughts of freedom, whereas low ceilings activated concrete thinking and thoughts of confinement."

If you don't feel like reading, listen to the researcher, Joan Meyers-Levy, talk about high ceiling and abstract thinking.

Here are some photos of locations with high ceilings that have promoted MY abstract thinking this past year:

Intermedia Arts

The Varsity

St. Paul's Cathedral

Grand Central Station

So why is it that I get so much free and abstract thinking done on long distance drives? My car ceiling is low. Is it the expansiveness of the highway stretching out in front of me?

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Professor Batty said...

... I always knew there was a reason The Beatles did most of their recording in Abbey Road #1 and its 30 foot high ceiling...