St. Kate's Katwalk 2007

On May 12, gerg and I headed to St Kate's to check out the Katwalk 2007 show.

Click on an image to view a slightly larger version - go to our flickr site to see the largest images available; it's linked at the end of this post.

Friend and designer, Michelle, was showing her latest collection, which was kick ass.

Inspired by the 1920's, Michelle's collection was the bee's knees!

Dre modeled a hot number. Check out the amazing pleating around the pockets on the skirt.

Dapper Deedot.

Emily's pants suit with sexy cami was HAWT.

Sally modeled a black UBER flirty flippy dress.

Other shots from Michelle's collection:

Wikked adorable!!


More shots from the show (not Michelle's collection)

Minneapolis's own Project Runway star, Katherine Gerdes.

It's a plaid, plaid world.

I love this jacket. It has petite tux tails in the back.

This Clockwork collection was off the chain.

Check out her robot doll!!

Crucial pleating at the waistline.


Out dogs were barking by the end of the show, so we headed to the Happy Gnome for an afterparty.

Our foreheads are sunburned from riding the motorcycle all day sans sunscreen.

Paula said this was one of the best side cars she'd ever quaffed.

Hanging out with models reminded me of American Psycho. NO...I didn't want to kill her and eat her.

Check out the rest of our pics here.

Check out the video of Michelle's collection; it takes a couple minutes to load. Patience, s'il vous plaƮt.


Anonymous said...

100+ megs! *whoosh*

Anonymous said...

Damn my wife is hot.

Reetsyburger said...

David Foureyes - I concur! MEOW!

Hermo - 1000 pardons for the gigantic file. It's totally worth watching though, right?