Let's Fly Away...to Galactic Pizza

I remember when I first moved here, I saw people driving around in wacky 3-wheeled cars wearing capes. I was all "gerg, what up wit dat?!?"

And he was all, "Oh, that's the Galactic Pizza delivery driver."

photo swiped from their web site.

So one night, gerg and I wanted to grab a slice, and we called Dre.

The officialist pizza-lovingest chic in town (this girl LOVES za).

Dre recommended Galactic Pizza, which neither of us had tried. We hopped on the Nighthawk, parked by the VFW, and sat inside for some za and a caesar salad. And let me tell you, we weren't disappointed. Plus, we saw the flying pizza dude come in a from a delivery wearing a cape. SCORE!

From their menu to the methods they use for disposing waste, Galactic Pizza is ahead of the curve when it comes to being green.

Native ingredients are a priority.
THE PAUL BUNYAN PIZZA - "This is a very special pizza. The first of its kind. All of the toppings have been selected based on the fact that they are native to the Minnesota ecosystem, giving it a unique flavor that is truly Minnesotan. It starts with our homemade tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese, morel mushrooms, wild rice, and bison sausage."

Activity within the community is a priority.
SECOND HARVEST HEARTLAND PIZZA - "Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, roma tomatoes, garlic, and fresh organic basil. Every time you order this pizza we will donate $1 to Second Harvest Heartland, Minnesota's largest hunger relief organization."

Community supported agriculture is a priority.
THE CSA PIZZA - "We have contracted with the Natural Harvest CSA to buy their fresh seasonal crops for this pizza. The crops rotate so this pizza changes with the output on the farm. Please ask what the current CSA pizza is. Also, if you would like information on what Community Supported Agriculture is, or how you can join the CSA program at Natural Harvest, please ask us and we'll let you know."

This past Friday night, we rode our bikes down to Galactic Pizza for a second visit via the Greenway (it's directly off the Greenway on Lyndale) to meet up with Reed and Sarah. Once again, the pizza was tasty. Their awesome green approach to business, a nice crispy crust, a zesty tomato sauce, the goofy outdoor seating with grass umbrellas, reasonable prices, and the variety of pizza toppings will keep me coming back.

Galactic Pizza - "Pizza with a Conscience"

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