Minneapolis Wi-Fi Rollout Hits Longfellow!

Our fellow Longfellons and other residents might also be pleased to know that Wi-fi will be hitting us starting on May, 11, 2007!

Here's the rollout schedule from the StarTribune:

May 11: Two square miles stretching from the Mississippi River on the east to Hiawatha Avenue on the west, and from E. Lake Street on the south to Interstate Hwy. 35W and the Mississippi River on the north

Week of May 21: Downtown area from I-35W on the east to Nicollet Mall on the west, and from I-94 on the south to the Mississippi River on the north

June 5: All of downtown

June 27: Longfellow/Powderhorn/Phillips

Aug. 15: Calhoun Isles/Southwest

Sept. 7: North

Oct. 10: Northeast

Nov. 2:

Some details about the city-wide network:
-US Internet holds the contract;
- initially we can buy speeds of 1 million bits per second for $19.95 a month;
-US Internet will send a mailing to prospective customers, which will include an url where we can go to sign up for a $10 discount for the first month.

If you pre-register US Internet will contact you when the service becomes available in your area.

Thanks to David Foureyes for the heads up!

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