BeatrixJar is Good for Me

On March 22, gerg, cBass, lEE, IIII, Dre (I need more pics of Dre), and I headed to the Nomad to check out BeatrixJar, OME, and Ice Palace.

Obviously, my fanism of OME is evident. He was a featured Reetsy's Rogue, and I take photos of him. That means I like him. He played a few newer pieces with his band and then some solo stuff, promoting The Doom Loop. Just buy it already! (if you haven't already)

I've been waiting to see BeatrixJar perform live, and I was not disappointed. We heard some pieces from their cd I Love You Talk Bird. They had bent 2 SpeakNSpells, 1 SpeakNMath, and 1 SpeakNRead. I think what I love most about their kind of experimental music are the endless possibilities. I look at the crap they're circuit bending, and I think of other crap to circuit bend.

In the same way I like drumming, I like circuit bending...because there is infinite variety for the musician. Also, I love robots, so things that go "bleep" are automatically of interest to me.

Click here to see snapshots from the show.

I'm looking forward to attending BeatrixJar's circuit bending workshops at the Bent Festival. I'd say I'm a rookie when it comes to circiut bending. I've ripped stuff apart in my dad's shop and crossed currents, but I want to learn some crucial techniques for making music with ripped apart kids' toys and a drum loop.

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