From Pencil to Published: The Birth of my Book

First of all, the activities that led to the creation are the best part. I like to get down with my bad pencil. *wink*

I've received my ISBN! It's kind of like a birth certificate for my book.

Sara Jolin, the graphic designer is busy as a bee working on a crucial full color layout of the final proof. And based on her previous design work, I'm feeling confident about the looks of the book; it never hurts to have attractive offspring.

Checkout the breakdown of an ISBN (this is an example, not my actual number):


Anonymous said...

I will save comment on the typeface choices on the UWO promo materials, however, man! UWO is full of cute girls and UGLY guys. Ouch fellas.

I mean...a ponytail? Dude...seriously. ;)

Reetsyburger said...

I interviewed the dude with the ponytail. Really interesting guy...pretty good artist! I didn't ask him about the ponytail.

Finding cute girls at/from UW Oshkosh is pretty easy. I know a couple dozen myself, including IIII's wife!

Anonymous said...

Finding ugly dudes is also pretty easy. I know a couple dozen, including myself.