Town Talk Trio to Open Pasta Joint

Check out my previous post for the link to Girl Friday's blog. That's the first I had heard about the location for the Town Talk trio's new venture.

Gerg and I sat down at the Town Talk this evening. He with a pulled pork sandwich, I with a chopped salad with some of that yummy cured salmon they have on hand.

I spoke with Aaron Johnson and he confirmed the location for the new venture. 809 E Lake St. in Phillips and Powderhorn area.

He said New York style pasta will be the theme for this joint; he's envisioning quality pasta with wine and beer. Sandwiches and salads. Dine in or take out. Nearby pasta is good news for us. The nearest pasta worth mentioning is at Al Vento, which is about 4 miles away (or so, according to gerg). We love Broder's, and I hope we'll love this new place.

The potential Town Talk trio connection to Pham's new joint (as mentioned in the strib in January) isn't in the works, but that doesn't mean the door is closed on working with Pham in the future. In fact, Johnson seemed very open to the possibility.

So that means two new restaurants within blocks of our house.
*huge smiles over here*

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