Round Round, Get Around....We Get Around on our Motorcycle!

For a few years, gerg's been riding a 1982 Suzuki Temptor.

He had several great rides on this bike, and it's a rad bike IMO, but some electrical issues have deemed it "unreliable" in his book. We are the kind of people who enjoy tinkering, but we conlcuded that we'd rather be out riding a bike than in the garage working on it. Plus, my skills regarding motocycle tinkering are almost non-existant, so gerg would be doing most of the work.

So we went together and bought a new bike this weekend at Motoprimo. Our experience there was pretty good. We took time to look at everything, and while the sales rep. talked with us throughout, we didn't feel a lot of pressure to make a decision right away. I noticed that the salesperson seemed to fuss more over me than gerg, which was amusing. He must've read a few articles about selling to women.

This is a Suzuki Intruder. It's a 2000. 800cc. We asked for about 25% off the sticker price, just on a whim. They talked us up to about 20% off the sticker price.

We're totally stoked to hit the road with this bad-ass bike. And in case you're, I don't how to drive a motorcycle. I do intend to get my permit. For now, riding with gerg is a-ok with me because his level of coolness could possibly make me look slightly cooler - although, I might be beyond help.

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