March In Like a LION!

MPLS weather has been all the talk this week. Forget about Britney's shaved head! We're all gabbing about the SNOW!

Quick! Call X files or sumpin! Our firepit has turned into a UFO!

Um, shoveling snow in full length fur is the new hotness. You go, Minnesotan, you go!

Does it look like this guy has done this before? He walks in the snow with AUTHORITY.

There's no shortage of daredevils in MPLS. I wanted to tackle and steal a potential load of Peace Coffee, but I just had too much respect for the lad/lass.

This shovel mysteriously appeared in our snowbank about 3 days ago. Everytime it snows, you know, it snows snow shovels from heaven.

What with all the strange weather, parking in ramps is an appealing option, especially when you get to park next to a SUV detailed in benjamins.

I hope his Girl Scout cookies don't get soggy in there...maybe I'd better help by eating them.


A said...

Hey, I like your blogs! I just made a batch of chili in my crock pot and was actually eating some when I saw your comment and proceeded to read your blogs and all of your crockpot recipes. I've had some fun with the recent snowstorms too, but I need to remember to bring my camera with me more often - hopefully the few snowmen I've seen so far will multiply!

Reetsyburger said...


Thanks for reading!

We took scads of pics this weekend. Icicles, snowpeople, snow boogers (those chunks of ice that form in the wheel well), and our goofy dog were winter amusements. There are some gigantic snowpeople on 26th St E near Abbott Hospital. I took pics and will be sure to post them.

So glad to hear others are crockpotting!!