More Flavorful and Less Chewy

photo by sfunk

My brother, Mark, had a couple of paper routes when we were kids. He got paid very little to lugs bags of papers around the neighborhood. What a racket.

Mainly, he, a bunch of his posse, and I would take turns delivering the papers while we practiced swear words and looked at Garbage Pail Kid cards (peep the link to find your card). They never made a card for me, but it's cool.

As we grew older, I didn't join him as much because I played Barbies or roller skated with my best friend, Jenny, instead...which was fine with him, I'm sure, since we were reaching adolesence by that point.

On Saturdays, he'd take his paper route money down to the Candyman store, right next to the movie theatre, pictured above.

There, he would usually buy Now and Laters and Fairy Food (the chocolate coated hard stuff that melted in your mouth). Since I was his little sister, and sometimes helped him with his paper route, he'd buy me something when I tagged along to the Candyman.

Mambas were usually my first choice.

So gerg and I rented a movie not too long ago, and I picked out Mambas for some movie candy, remembering how much I loved them as a kid.

The sad news is: Mambas are not as tasty as I remembered. I remember them being more flavorful and less chewy.

Then I thought to myself that if what I really want is more flavor and less chew, I should just drink whiskey.

Anywho, it reminded me of how my brother and I used to kick it when we were kids, and that was worth WAY MORE than the $.85 gerg spent.

Even though he stopped buying me candy, Mark eventually introduced me to gerg, and I think they're both pretty happy about that.


Ranty said...

Garbage Pail Kids!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I had totally forgotten about those cards!

Ah, sweet memories.

Professor Batty said...

...what I really want is more flavor and less chew, I should just drink whiskey...


Minnesota Nice said...

Small world Reetsy, I was over at Andrew Zimmern's blog and I see he mentions you in his latest post!

FYI I got the skinny from Marjorie who runs the Mill City Farmer's market: all of the meat and produce is guaranteed to be local but they are making exception on some specialty items, such as the olive oil. No worries on the meat/produce front though.

Reetsyburger said...

ranty - I added a link so you could look up your own card.

Batty - cheers!

Sandra - THANK YOU!! I'm gonna share that bit in the related post.

MarkMartin57 said...

thanks for conjuring some delightful childhood memories in this cauldron of words that you call your BLOG, Reetz ... 't seems you have stirred my heart into your witches' brew

and I always thought of myself as a partner in crime as opposed to a big brother as we do share a blinding lust for sweetness

and speaking of which brings me to gerg. what is the going rate for MATCHMAKERS over there at I will use the money to purchase Mars bars and Topps Baseball Cards ;)

P.S. - remember the candy man's fudge cauldron? and the barrels of Jolly Ranchers? and Toffifay? and Zots in the metallic bag? and those retro-future edible dots on wax paper? and ...

Reetsyburger said...

Mark - The barrels of jolly ranchers were CRUCIAL. I remember they'd been sitting there so long, that as soon as you put a Jolly Rancher between your back teeth, your jaw would be fused together with sour grape fantasia.

I read somewhere that President Bush stopped at the CandyMan on his way through the WB (West Bend).

FUKK. The next time we're in the WB we gots to stop there.