Some Dish: Buster's on 28th

gerg and I decided to check out Buster's on 28th on Thursday.

Head count at 7pm: 52.

Our server was sweet-natured and prompt, and she wore a flippy ponytail. I love those flippy ponytails!

They have outdoor seating complete with umbrellas. We opted for indoor.

We started by splitting a flavorful, but uneventful caprese salad.

I ordered the portobello sandwich - which surprised me. The mushroom was delivered to the table battered and deep fried atop a bun. The first couple bites were interesting, as I've never eaten battered, fried, portobellos on a bun. Unfortunately, the sammich did not sustain my interest.

gerg ordered the Juicy Lucy.
I asked him about it.

Me: "How's the Juicy Lucy?"
gerg: "It's not bad."
Me: "Is it technically a Juicy Lucy? Remember what The Deets said?"
gerg: "Yeah, the cheese is all gooey and it's inside the burger. The middle is pretty raw."
Me: "How does it rate on a scale of 1-10?"
gerg: "As a Juicy Lucy, it's a 7. As a burger, it's an 8."
Me: "So it's a C as a Juicy Lucy?"
gerg: "Hmm. I guess so."
Me: "I like this sour pickle mayonaise. It's dill-ish."


gerg's Juicy Lucy at Buster's (crappy photo taken on phone).

Buster's on 28th
4204 28th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Simple, laid back, outdoor seating with umbrellas.

[where: 55406]


Aaron said...

Cool. I should make my way back there soon. I like those flippy pony tails too.

Minnesota Nice said...

This is the new place next to the Bakers Wife, no? I'll check it out soon, but dunno about deep-frying a portobello. Hmm.

Reetsyburger said...

Sandra - Indeed! The deep fried portobello is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

IMO...Jucy Lucys are just a bad idea. As a regional specialty, fine...but 90% of the time you either get an overcooked burger with cheese that burns the fuck out of your face, or a raw burger (which i actually like) with hard unmelted cheese. I have had them at 5-8, Lion's Tap, Matt's Bar and Mairin's...they're shite. Unless it's filled with like cream cheese/mertz...then they are halfway decent. I hearby annouce the "keep the cheese on the outside" campaign! ;)

Reetsyburger said...

David Foureyes - Busters' was definitely the raw burger version. I think gerg had some success making them at home on the grill and stuffing them with bleu cheese...

Anonymous said...

It's likely just a symptom of the fact that I like rare mid-rare beef and abhore it cooked medium to well done. It makes it impossible to cook a jucy lucy to my liking as the internal temp of the burger never reaches anything above 90 degreess.

Reetsyburger said...

david - who makes your favorite burger in the twin cities?

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt: Ike's. It's greasy, buttery, Widmer's Cheddar, great fried onions...a great burger.

Runners up would include Bulldog NE, Barbette, LBV Lounge, Lurcat, and Culvers.